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For two decades, Zayed Al Shamsi Law Firm has been a beacon of legal expertise in the United Arab Emirates. Our journey, deeply rooted in the rich heritage of the UAE, is a testament to our commitment to justice, integrity and the rule of law. Our story began in 1998, when our founder, a visionary Emirati legal expert, created a firm that would uphold the highest standards of legal practice. Today, we are proud to have grown into one of the most respected law firms in the UAE, serving a diverse range of clients, both locally and internationally.

Our legacy is not just about our longevity. It’s about the relationships we’ve built, the cases we’ve won, and the difference we’ve made in the lives of our clients. It’s about our unwavering commitment to the UAE’s legal system, its traditions and its future. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we reaffirm our dedication to providing the highest quality legal services, upholding the principles of justice, and contributing to the growth and development of the UAE’s legal landscape.

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Blending tradition and innovation in client-centered legal services

A true cornerstone of broad-based competence, an unwavering commitment to high quality, and extensive familiarity with diverse industry sectors. Our team of seasoned attorneys embodies a range of expertise across diverse industries and legal disciplines, uniquely positioning us to meet a wide range of legal requirements.

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At Zayed Al Shamsi, we believe in the power of technology to secure our case files and documents, while maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of our clients. We have taken great strides to digitally transform our data management practices by integrating advanced systems and technologies. Let’s dive into how we utilize these technological advancements.

We are committed to protecting the trust of our customers, and our adoption of advanced technology is an important part of that commitment. As we continue to evolve in the digital age, we are relentlessly strengthening our data protection measures, always keeping our customers’ privacy and security at the forefront of our operations.

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The system of rules and regulations that govern society

Encryption - the armor of protection

Protecting the rights of individuals

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The legal system is based on the principle of

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Includes both civil and criminal law

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We firmly believe that the calibre of our people is the driving force behind our impressive portfolio, and it is their diverse experiences, combined with an unrivalled dedication to their craft, that set our firm apart.

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