June 7, 2024 1:14 pm in the UAE

The Introduction of Corporate Tax in the UAE: A Comprehensive Overview

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has recently initiated the roll-out of a 9% corporate tax, marking a significant shift in the country's fiscal landscape. Interestingly, this new measure exempts businesses

July 7, 2023
2:30 pm
The Dawn of Digital Jurisprudence: DIFC Courts Pioneer World’s First Digital Economy Court

In an unprecedented move to address legal disputes in the ever-evolving digital economy, including areas like cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Courts have launched a groundbreaking

June 19, 2023
2:09 am
Asset Protection in UAE: A Comprehensive Guide for Expatriates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), renowned for its dynamism and potential, hosts an impressive population of over 8 million expatriates. Many of these individuals possess assets both in the UAE

June 19, 2023
1:11 am

Blending Tradition and Innovation in Client-Centered Legal Services

At Zayed Al Shamsi, we firmly believe that our clients are our utmost priority. This conviction is woven into the DNA of our firm and informs every decision we make. Our legal counsel is consistently tailored to accommodate our clients’ unique circumstances, ensuring that they receive individual attention, diligent representation, and strategic guidance at all stages of their legal journey.

Moreover, we understand the pivotal role that technology plays in today’s fast-paced world, especially in the legal sphere. To ensure the highest standards of efficiency and data security, we harness cutting-edge technology to manage client data, streamline our operations, and provide real-time communication platforms. This progressive approach enables us to be highly responsive, maintain stringent data security protocols, and deliver services that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.

Zayed Alshamsi – Founder

"We boast an impressive legacy of over 20 years of unparalleled service, driven by a profound understanding of the region's cultural values and intricate legal dynamics."

Your case is safe with us

At Zayed Al Shamsi, we believe in the power of technology to secure our case files and documentation, while preserving the confidentiality and privacy of our clients. We have taken great strides to digitally transform our data management practices by incorporating advanced systems and technologies. Let’s delve into how we’ve utilized these technological advancements.

we are committed to safeguarding our clients’ trust, and our embrace of advanced technology is a significant part of this commitment. As we continue to evolve in a digital era, we relentlessly work towards enhancing our data protection measures, always keeping our clients’ privacy and security at the forefront of our operations. 


A veritable cornerstone of broad-ranging proficiency, steadfast commitment to superior quality, and wide-ranging familiarity with diverse industry sectors. Our team, composed of seasoned lawyers, embodies an array of experiences across multifarious industries and legal disciplines, which uniquely equips us to cater to a wide spectrum of legal requirements.

In the ever-changing and sophisticated realm of law, the extensive scope and depth of our expertise remain our most formidable assets. Our legal professionals adeptly combine their skills across a multitude of sectors, offering shrewd counsel, innovative solutions, and robust representation that is bespoke to each client’s unique scenario.

From high-profile corporate disputes to the intricacies of intellectual property rights, from the labyrinth of employment law to the delicate matters of family law, our competence permeates various practice areas. We endeavour to aid clients in navigating the complex legal terrain with fortitude and lucidity.

At Zayed Al Shamsi, each case we undertake is approached with a firm commitment to comprehend your specific needs, offer tailored strategies, and strive for optimal outcomes. 



We firmly believe that the calibre of our people is the driving force behind our impressive portfolio, and it is their diverse experiences, combined with an unrivalled dedication to their craft, that set our firm apart. Our team comprises seasoned practitioners who, through their keen understanding of the law, outstanding strategic insight, and profound commitment to their clients, have brought to life our firm’s ethos of delivering superior quality legal solutions.

Their extensive expertise, amassed from an array of industries and legal disciplines, allows us to cater to a wide spectrum of legal requirements. From navigating the labyrinth of employment law to understanding the intricacies of intellectual property rights, from handling high-profile corporate disputes to assisting with sensitive family law matters, our team is more than equipped to guide clients with fortitude and lucidity.

At Zayed Al Shamsi, we foster a collaborative ethos, working closely with our clients to provide bespoke, pragmatic solutions. It’s the quintessentially human touch that makes us not just a leading choice for legal advice and representation, but a trusted partner to our clients.

Zayed Al Shamsi

Zayed Al Shamsi

Lawyer & Legal Consultant

Sameer Zakarneh

Sameer Zakarneh

Head of Operations

Dr. Elyes Ben Letaifa

Dr. Elyes Ben Letaifa

Legal Consultant

Dr. David Gallo

Dr. David Gallo

Legal Consultant

Founded by visionary Emirati legal expert Zayed Al Shamsi in 1998, the firm has been a pillar of legal expertise in the UAE. With a deep-rooted commitment to justice, integrity, and the rule of law, the firm has grown into one of the UAE’s most respected law firms, serving a diverse clientele. The firm’s heritage is defined by its relationships, case victories, and its impact on clients’ lives, along with its steadfast commitment to the UAE’s legal system and traditions.

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